The making, undoing and remodelling of Geoffrey Doyle as he comes to terms with a disparate, controlling, contentious and very quirky Irish Protestant family.

Set in Ireland, England and the Bahamas, this is a rites of passage literary work full of all the intrigue, passion and heartbreak that come with a protagonist as determined as he is headstrong and as short-sighted as he is romantic.

Searching for an escape from his labyrinthine family politics, Geoffrey ends up becoming entrapped in a Gordian knot of his own making. He girds his loins and his resolve, and with metaphorical scissors in hand, sets about cutting the knot and his family umbilical cord to boot.

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"Given the exotic locales, exquisite storytelling, and the eccentricity of some of its characters, it's surprising this novel was never turned into a movie. A very enjoyable read..."

"In the great tradition of Irish storytelling, A Relative Matter takes us through the life and times of Geoffrey Doyle. The story moves along at a perfect pace, as Geoffrey moves from childhood into adulthood. Familial relationships and Geoffrey's changing decisions about his role in the matter are at the heart of the story. A delightful read."

"Simply said- if you have any interest in Irish culture, this is a must-read. I can't say enough about the writing style and story...I wasn't able to put the book down! The only question I have is... when is Fallon's next book coming out? "

"This is the work of a natural born story teller who keeps the reader enrapt from the first page to the last. Every anecdote, every character, no matter how tragic, manages to amuse and delight. I sincerely hope there is more where this came from..."

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