John's career began in his native city of Dublin where he cut his advertising teeth writing and producing radio commercials for teat dip for bovine mastitis. From there to diapers, whiskey, toilet paper, life insurance, lingerie, film and cameras, French automobiles, dairy produce, and Ireland's first wine cooler.

In these early years John developed an eclectic portfolio, winning awards in TV, radio and print. His reputation survives and his skills are still being booked from the European side of the Atlantic.

In 1986 he moved to New York to focus on fish oil, cough syrup, and hair care products before making the transition to RX marketing. Since then he has bridged the advertising divide more than once, creating award-winning campaigns for consumer and professional advertising, most recently for his work on an antipsychotic, a nasal inhaled steroid, and several childhood vaccines.

John lives with his wife in Forest Hills, Queens. Their two children ran away from home some years ago.